An NIH Manual and note sheet for students.........

Note: This sheet is for version 1.52 (an older, stable, low-memory version) which runs on our older Macs.




Instructions: From Riser's An Introduction to Image Processing CD-ROM find the information to help you create a manual for your own use. All needed information is in either of these two places on this CD:

Assorted Software/NIH Image Intro/Riser's Intro to NIH Image


Assorted Software/Riser's Image Help

On this note sheet write only enough information to help you use the NIH Image program.

The Toolbox:

Write down the tool names and what each does in the space below............













The Map:

Describe the purpose of the Map and how it can be used..........






The Values Box:

Explain what the "x, y, and Value" mean.........



The Paste Control Window:

Explain how to turn this on/off and what the various paste transfer modes do....











The Look Up Tool (LUT):

What is the LUT and how is it used?













The Extra Colors:

Explain how to set the number of extra colors and what they are used for....




The Menus:

Describe the functions of as many of these menu items as you can......

The Special Menu will be skipped because we will not be using it.