Riser Coin Punches

Copyright 2017 by James P. Riser

Folks have asked about these, so here is a little info.


I have played around with card punch ideas for at least 3 decades. The penny type shown here was designed and first made about 18 years ago when I picked up the special tool for making them.

Since then, the penny version was the only model that I made. The quarter model (shown above and at the bottom) is a later refinement of the idea but is not cost effective to market. So...do not ask!



These coin punches are for marking playing cards which can later be identified or located by feel or touch alone. I have always liked a blister punch for marking the playing cards. The idea behind these coin punches was to make a very portable blister punch which could always be available when needed. I decided to convert a coin into a blister type of card punch. This allows air travel without creating drama.

Here is the tails side of one of my penny punches.


For these punches to work correctly, it is important that there be distinct margins betweem the punch and the coin surface.


A punched card looks like this.


The dimple is easier to feel than see.


The quarter punch is an experimental model having a stainless steel punch which has been microwelded into position.

The face side of this coin may be seen at the top of this page.



In use, the coin with its domed projection is held in position against the face side of the card. The thumb gently applies pressure to the card from the bach side to slowly form the blister. With practice, a very subtle blister will be easily detected.

A variety of uses for punched cards has been described in previous docs that I have made available over the years.