James P. Riser's Favorite Key Card

Copyright 2012 by James P. Riser

A number of people have asked me how I tend to use my card trimmer set. In addition to stripper decks and various short cards, I like to make and use this modified card.

The card that I prefer to modify is a Joker - for reasons to be expained below.

This card will become a key card.

Using a card trimmer, trim the Joker as shown below. If you are fussy and a perfectionist, you will want to reround the two trimmed corners after doing the two edges. Notice that this is not quite like a stripper deck trim - the card is not wedge shaped when done.

The trimming shown below is for a right handed person's use. Left handed people or those chosing to hold the deck in the left hand will need to trim the opposite two edges and corners. Do not trim off too much.

Now, the trimmed Joker is a key card which gets placed above the card to be forced or located by the performer. The deck is held as shown here.

The performer may riffle the cards with the right thumb and ask the spectator to say stop and it will be right at the card under the key card.

If I want to remove the key card from the deck, all I need to do is say "I'll remove the Jokers", locate the Jokers, and remove them. All evidence of trickery is then gone.

If this was of use, please send feedback. No feedback = no more freebees like this.