Adding a VFD to my Burke #4

Copyright 2008 by James P. Riser






This page shows the steps taken to add a VFD (Variable Frequency Drive) unit to my Burke #4 milling machine. I wanted complete variable speed and this was the least expensive method to obtain the desired control.


The unit was delivered in this condition by UPS (their usual careful handling of packages).

Fortunately nothing inside was damaged.




This is the contents of the box.


And inside this were the goodies...


This is the actual unit.


Here are the connection terminals - nothing could be easier.


L1 and L2 are the standard 115 volt input terminals. T1, T2, T3 are the three phase lines from the motor.


Connected everything looks like this.


Both ground wires from the input line and the motor lines are attached to this common plate.

Here is the setting at highest speed.


And a short movie illustrating the speed with the drive set on the center pulley. Hopefully you can get it to run on your computer.


The slowest setting.


And another short movie showing the drive still on the center pulley but running at slow speed. Hopefully you can see this movie too.

Both the fast and slow speeds can be altered by pulley belt placement and with the VFD unit. This gives a fantastic range of speeds at full torque.

Another nice feature is that the motor ramps up on start and ramps down when shut down.

This little unit works beautifully.

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