Making a Spring Powered Motor

Copyright 2008 by James P. Riser

On this web page I shall describe the making of a spring powered (windup) motor that I want to use for several projects that I have in mind. The motor will be designed from scratch to be utilized in variety of items that I will be manufacturing. Please consider this web page to be a "work in progress" as I am creating it as I find time between other projects. This machinery will also be used to make a clock or two as time permits.

The machinery and tools which will be available in my shop for making the motor:

WW Lathe:

Elgin Lathe:

Sheldon Lathe:

Small Turret Lathe:

Rusnok Milling Machine:

Benchmaster Milling Machine:

Burke #4 Milling Machine:


Sheldon 12" Shaper:

Milwaukee Filing Machine:

Chronos Wheel Engine:

Chronos Pinion Mill:

Paulson Staking Set:

J. M. W. Depthing gauges:



Spring Winders:



Hand Tapper:

Precision Drill Presses:

Large Whitney-Jensen Punch:

Metal Cutting Bandsaw:

Gorton Single Lip Tool Grinder:

Gorton 3U Pantograph:

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