Below are shown a few items which have been made in the past and have been discontinued...

Copyright 2012 by James P. Riser



Now that all of these "accent lamps" have been delivered, I will point out that the "shades" are really specially gimmicked Riser Jumbo Cups.

The exact nature of the special cups will remain a secret known only to the 12 owners and myself. The 13th cup is in my collection.

New projects will most likely prevent additional such cups from being made. These pictures are shown to illustrate how easy it is to fool magicians - especially those who think they are "in the know".




As I have indicated many times, "Because something is available today, does not mean that it will be available forever".

Also, "Because something is available today, does not mean that it will be sold to you".

Micro Traditional Cups

Hammered Design 1

Midi Cups

Peanut Chop Cup

Tea Cups

Tiny Traditional Cups

Hammered Design 2

Sterling Silver Micro Traditional Cups

Coffee Cups

Non-Authentic Hindu Cups

Stage and Street Cups

Aluminum Stage and Street Cup next to a Jumbo Cup

The Riser Jumbo Cups

The Riser Traditionals

The John Ramsay Sytle Cups

The Riser Loomis Micro Chop Cups

The Riser Ultimate Chop Cup Tall

The Riser Mini Cups

The Riser Mini Innocent Cups

Brass Card Punch (2004-2007 model)

"Riser Ultimate Salt Gimmick"

"Riser Classic Salt Gimmick"


Mini Cube On Block and Frame

Large Cube On Block and Frame (Block Head Design)

Mini Flame Clock for close up work

Brass Weight Chink-A-Chink Sets

Mini Any Drink Called For Set - pure nickel silver

There are many more custom made items which will not be shown...

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