A recreation of the Frakson Routine for the Martin Cage

David Alexander performing at the April 2005 Magic Collector's Conference in Las Vegas

Copyright 2005 by James P. Riser

The following images were digitized from the actual performance tape.

Note: This is not your ordinary vanishing bird cage routine.

The domed cage is shown and given to a spectator.

Yes, the cage is held by a spectator and returned to the performer.

The cage is covered with a silk handkerchief.

After one last peek, the cage is covered again and thrown into nothingness!

Nothing up this sleeve...nor this one.

It's not in the coat either.

The coat is removed and David turns completely around.

The cage is GONE!

The silk handkerchief is picked up and held out by the right hand.

The left hand reaches under the held out silk and removes the vanished cage!

David is shown accepting the audience reaction...


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