The Dai Vernon Cups

Copyright 2010 by James P. Riser

12/31/11 - Shortly I will be adding several additional detailed photos of these cups for your enjoyment and education. This will be after publication of an article on the cups. Interesting things have been going on the past 6 months or so. No "museums" have been involved, of course.

Dai Vernon was a legendary performer of magic and was respected world wide. One of his most famous effects was his version of the classic cups and balls.

The unusual cups that he used were often discussed and the story about them has been told elsewhere. Most magicians of today have never seen the actual cups close up. This web page was created to illustrate these famous props in detail for those who never witnessed a performance of "The Professor".

Shown here are three views illustrating the elaborate engravings on these cups. Enjoy.




In addition to showing the engravings, the above images clearly illustrate exactly how the cups were made.

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