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Some background info:

Over the years I have been fortunate enough to have been involved in many technology related projects. Due to my rather unusual way of looking at things, I have been able to take what I received from these projects and convert it into full blown science related activities for my students. As a member of the NASA Classroom of the Future (COTF) 2001 Master Teacher Cadre, I am committed to sharing what I have learned with other teachers. These web pages have been created so that other teachers might bring the excitement of learning through the use of technology to their students. Now that I have retired from actively teaching, I am especially committed to seeing that what I started will not become lost forever. In my classroom I often utilized several of the activities directly from the web - allowing students to locate the pages and print out what they might need. This capability can be utilized for many other activities. Lab sheets, images, movies, etc. may all be stored on the web and called up as needed.

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